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In case any of you are planning a late summer vacation, Dr. Thomas Stuttaford offered a few suggestions to assist you. These include:

Before setting off, ask your children to pack a small bag for themselves - this helps them to feel included in the packing process and means that they can't blame you if their favorite toy is left behind.

Take plenty of things to occupy your children over a long journey - cards, water, snacks, an MP3 player - and prepare games to play as a whole family.

If you're pregnant, take regular breaks on long journeys and make sure you stretch your legs.

Take colorful pens and paper and get your child to draw "a memory book" of his or her holiday experience.

If you've forgotten something, stay calm. It's likely that you'll be able to get it at your destination.

When you arrive, ask the kids what they would like to do and take turns - one day for them, one for you. Make sure that you organize at least one night alone with your partner it's your holiday too.

If all else fails, resort to bribery - offer your children rewards for good behavior.Hope these suggestions are useful. Enjoy your vacation!


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