Obesity epidemic strikes infants

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I didn't know it was possible for an infant to be overweight.

Nolan was ridiculously rolly-polly between 3 and 8 months of age - he had four distinct rubber-band chubby folds of happiness on his wee Michelin man arms. I was absurdly proud of his pockets of chubbiness, and kissed them with glee.

So this study, indicating that the obesity epidemic has hit infants, disconcerts me. Infants can be obese?

Apparently so. Over 22 years in Massachusetts, the number of overweight infants increased by 74 per cent, the researchers reported Wednesday. Experts say that the results show that efforts to prevent obesity must start before birth. Preventative measures must include avoiding smoking and excessive weight gain during pregnancy, preventing gestational diabetes, and promoting breastfeeding.

The article didn't note what constitutes an obese baby.

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