Baby expert threatens lawsuit for negative website comments

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A controversial British baby expert has threatened legal action against a website for Mothers because of "gross personal attacks" on her.

Gina Ford is a well-known baby guru in England, and a staunch advocate of strict structure for babies. She's a former maternity nurse whose advice is either loved or loathed with great vehemence. Now she's dividing public opinion further by demanding the closure of a parenting website because it published comments from readers that Ford says are defamatory.

Mumsnet is the site in question, and the Moms who run it say that the threatened legal action is a blow to free speech and "wholly disproportionate.:

But to offset the threat of legal actions, they have posted notice on their site asking readers to refrain from discussing Gina Ford, her books, or her methods.

Ms. Ford says that the comments on Mumsnet were "vile and disgusting." Her opponents say that her legal threats are a "blow to free speech."

As a writer for Blogging Baby, I may be a little biased on this one. But I don't believe that any person - especially a famous one - should be able to stop websites from writing about them (as long as it's in a non-threatening capacity, of course.) Blogs are the last "uncensored" voice of the people, and if people want to criticize popular personalities on blogs and websites, I say, go right ahead.

What do you think? Should Ford be able to shut down negative discussion about her on websites?

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