What dads should know about morning sickness

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I kind of didn't want to cover Noodad's feature about the hottest pregnant celebrities, but this article made me laugh out loud. This feature covers what dads need to know about morning sickness. I think, as a woman who has suffered morning sickness, it was a pretty accurate look at morning sickness. He points out that morning sickness is actually an indication that the pregnancy is going well. Morning sickness generally indicates that there is a sufficient amount of HCG, the pregnancy hormone needed to make sure these little cells are dividing properly.

He also points out that NOT having morning sickness is not necessarily a bad thing. And every woman's pregnancies will be and can be vastly different. He points out that women need to watch their weight during the first trimester, because morning sickness can cause them to lose weight when they need to gain.

But the part that made me laugh was when he pointed out that men can also make their wives puke when they are suffering from morning sickness. But you're going to have to go and read it if you want to know more.


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