Would you use a bumper bonnet?

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I understand that babies learning how to walk are not the most....graceful beings on the planet. However, Nolan seems to be even more precarious than other babies I've seen, swaggering drunkenly and alarmingly towards fireplaces and broomhandles with perilous excitement. I hover meters behind him, cringing with anticpation of a disastrous crash, hoping I'll catch his body before he crashes for the seventeen billionth time. But, inevitably, he does crash. I can't catch his every fall. His face sports the occasional bruise, his legs the occasional scrape.

So when a Christy sent in this tip today - I thought, hmm, should I? And then promptly replied to myself: No. That is ridiculous.

A "Bumper Bonnet" is a mashmallow-like helmut that is designed to prevent the learning baby from injuring his head. It's about $ 13.00 and has an adjustable head strap. I am trying to decide if this is more or less helpful than the shopping cart covers.

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