Dangers of purchasing medicines online

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An article in Lancet warns that people who buy medicines over the internet could be unwittingly putting their health at risk according to doctors in the U.K. Some drugs are fake and contain ingredients bearing little resemblance to the medicine named on the bottle. Even if patients get the right drug, there is a risk of unchecked side effects and dangerous interactions. Patients should be aware that they can damage their health if they purchase drugs online. They are advised that they should only take prescription-only medicines after an appropriate consultation with their health care professional whose role it is to take into account associated risks and benefits.

Advertisements for products are hard to miss for anyone who uses the internet. They offer deals that sound too good to be true. Unfortunately for a large segment of the population health insurance, or even health insurance with decent prescription coverage, is often hard to come by. To pay for an $125 out-of-pocket doctor's visit and then purchase prescriptions is often too much of an expense for many families. For those who might not qualify for Medicaid but cannot afford decent insurance, the allure of cheaper drugs available online proves to be the only option to acquire medications. The fact that these medications are either substandard or no more useful than snake oil is yet another example of just how difficult times have gotten in our country.

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