Fridge lock required

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The other day I was extracting a sponge from underneath the sink when I heard a muffled gurgle coming from the direction of the fridge.

When I'd looked two seconds previously, Nolan had been chewing on a rubber toy by my feet so I was surprised to see that he'd moved so extraordinarily fast across the room. The rapid fire speed potential of an exploring baby always floors me. I took a step toward him to investigate; he had the fridge door open and I was about to sigh and admonish him when the gurgle turned to a high pitched cry turned into a wail.

I looked in alarm at what he'd just been into: the hot sauce. Nolan had just drank fiery jalapeno hot sauce.

So it's apparently time to do some further houseproofing. One of my blog readers left me a comment with a link here and a note saying "these saved my life."

I am going to get some this weekend, because I'm thinking they just might save Nolan's.

He's a wily one though, so I'll let you know if they work.

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