One Laptop Per (Thai) Child

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You may remember the ambitious One Laptop Per Child project spearheaded by Nicholas Negroponte, founder and former director of MIT's famous Media Lab -- the idea was to be able to make a $100 laptop that could survive most children and would be made available to children in developing countries.

Well, it looks like Thailand is ready to go. According to an Associated Press news story, Thailand's Prime Minister, Thaksin Shinawatra, has announced that an ambitious project to provide the laptops to all of the nation's elementary school students will get started in October. "Each elementary school child will receive a computer that the government will buy for them, free of charge, instead of books, because books will be found and can be read on computers," he said. He also said that OLPC will deliver 30 computers in October and 500 more in November.

Unlike our politicians here in the US who think the internet is a "series of tubes", Thaksin actually knows what he is doing, having worked in the technology industry, including getting rich building the largest mobile phone operator in Thailand. Hopefully, this means Thaksin knows what he's doing and the project has a good chance of success. It will be nice to see technology make a dramatic difference on a large scale.

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