Stepmoms are the new parenting trend

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Did you know that more than half the women in the US are living in some sort of step-relationship? I certainly didn't, but according to this article, step families are a growing trend in that country, through remarriage, dating, or living together.

It's pretty accepted that step-relationships can cause anxiety and concern in kids who have strong loyalty ties to their birth or adopted parents. And this article has some interesting tips for step-parents looking for a meaningful relationship with stepchildren. The tips include:

1) Attitude is key - this tip makes mention of Jada Pinkett-Smith's reference of her stepson Trey as her "bonus child." I think that is a nice way of putting it, as long, as the article warns, it's said with sincerity.
2) Toddlers are easiest to win over - they don't have preconceived judgment or inherent feelings of loyalty.
3) Be sensitive about "muscling in" to the relationship with Dad - provide space.
4) Try to see things from the child's point of view - I think we could all benefit from doing this a little more often, at least I could.

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