Blogging Baby Sleepover: International Edition, August 16, 2006

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Tonight, we are going to the Philippines. I have never been there in blog life or in real life. But I am definitely going back. I stumbled upon a fortune of Filipino blogs by some fascinating women. I hope you enjoy these blogs as much as I do.

Wife Speaks features women from the Philippines, Australia, India who all contribute to this women's collective about being wives and mothers. They are beginning a new series on parenting. Their last series was on traveling with kids-- and their headings were all in English, but then the extended paragraphs were in another language. I am going to guess that it was Filipino, because most of the contributors to the blog seem to be from the Philippines.

Cez, from the Philippines is mom to Caitlin, age 1, and recently wondered if she were pregnant. She was having spotting. She had an ultrasound and she is not pregnant, but thought she might have to have a D&C-- but it looks like she may not have to. I don't understand why though because she mingled English with Filipino.

Mrs. Party Girl is also from the Philippines. I think. I wish I were more familiar with the language, but I am afraid I am lacking there. These women's blogs are so interesting, though I could hardly pull myself away to do this post. Mrs. Party Girl did a meme that I am familiar with, but she did it with a world of sensations, foods, longings that I am completely, culturally, unfamiliar with. But it was fascinating, because even though I may not recognize the names of some of the foods she described, even though I have never had squid balls as street foods, I could totally relate to her: Her favorite day is Saturday. She wants to have more children while her ovaries are still working. She has a keen sense of humour.

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