Puck from MTV's The Real World a dad...again!

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Via People.com: David "Puck" Rainey, who first gained fame as the "spiky-haired, hygienically challenged bike messenger on MTV's third season of The Real World" is a dad again. His wife, Betty, gave birth to their second son, Rocco, on August 6th. The couple already have another son, Bogart, age 4.

"I love babies," says Puck. "Having your own baby gives you a capacity to love something a lot differently. I didn't have the capacity to love things in the same way before I had a kid. I had dogs and fish and plants, but never a kid. I had little Bogart and it kind of changed me a lot. And now, Rocco. I really just like looking at him."

Congratulations to the Rainey family!

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