When is attention to your children, too much?

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truman sleeping in the bike trailerI just returned from a fun errand with Truman in the bike trailer. We hung out downtown, where everyone commented on his happy perfection. A man heading to his smoke break helped me park the trailer, which wanted to poke out into the truck loading zone. At the yarn store, the other customers exclaimed over his smiley cuteness. Next door, where we wandered through rainbow (no, better than rainbow, kaleidoscope or 1000-pack Crayola) walls of embroidery floss, the owner's little dog sniffed and licked him.

All this, was fun, and I continued to enjoy the smiles from other bikers when we pulled up to stop lights. In order to cross a busy street on the way home, I pulled the trailer with the now-sleeping baby to a crosswalk, in front of a coffee shop. A man sat in one of the sidewalk tables and started commenting on my now-sleeping baby.

"A late night, or an early morning?" he asked, bizarrely. It was 3 p.m.

"Umm, just naptime," I responded.

"How old?"

"15 months," I said, hoping for a quick break in the traffic.

"Oh, that's so wonderful!" he said, gushing, "congratulations!"

Thankfully, I had an opening to cross, because the man's interest just seemed, well, too interesting. When strangers congratulate you on a child, for no apparent reason, do you -- like me -- want to run away as fast as possible? Was he hitting on me? Or is this a normal response to a cute baby?

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