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All of us look forward to time spent with our families. The times are special, even if you have little of it. Getting the most out of these limited activities can be improved by considering the following suggestions.

1. Set priorities

The secret is to plan ahead and make clear to everyone what you're planning. Don't worry if you haven't actually decided where you're going on Saturday afternoon (or whether you'll all just stay in with a video). The vital first step is to block off a few hours for a family activity. Write down the plans on post them on the refrigerator. That way everyone will know about the what activities are planned. As your children grow older it's worth making them aware of how much you value time spent together by talking about it. Tell them that Saturday afternoons with the family mean a lot to you - they'll appreciate that you want to be with them. Family time is the hardest to prioritize, because other demands always seem more urgent. However, it's the time that matters most of all.

2. Ditch distractions

With designated family time, or any time you can enjoy together (such as mealtimes or holidays), show that you regard it as being just as important as anything else in your life. Develop the knack of turning any opportunity into a fun family activity. Involve your children in what you're doing. If you have more than one child, split them up: while you take your son to the supermarket or the garage, your partner can spend time with your daughter at home. Looking after one child is rarely as tricky as looking after two or three, because you can concentrate on their questions and requests. Enjoy chatting with your child on the way. Take a small bag of toys so he won't get bored while you're at the checkout or talking to the mechanic. Being organized will maximize the time you can spend enjoying life with your family. Take ten minutes every evening to plan what you need to achieve the following day, and make a list. This will help you to be more focused. These few suggestions may make your next family get together a roaring success.

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