Second hand smoke and babies?

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Researchers at UC Davis recently described in unprecedented biochemical and anatomical detail how cigarette smoke damages the lungs of unborn and newborn children. The results of the study illustrate with the dangers that smokers' families and friends face. According to the authors of the study, smoke exposure causes significant damage and lasting consequences in newborns. This research has a message for every parent: Do not smoke or breathe secondhand smoke while you are pregnant. Do not let your children breathe secondhand smoke after they are born.

Results supply further proof that secondhand smoke's effects on children are not minor, temporary, or reversible. The effects will not go away. If children do not grow healthy lungs when they are supposed to, they will likely never recover. The process is not forgiving and the children are not going to be able to make up this loss later in life. To get the word out to parents about the dangers of secondhand smoke, two states (Arkansas and Louisiana) have made it illegal to smoke in a car with young passengers. In California, a similar bill is currently under consideration in the state Legislature.

The legislature appears to be a step in the right direction. How enforceable it will prove to be, however, another question. Still, it is a start.

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