French immersion: could it be detrimental?

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When I was school age, my Mom wanted to put me in French Immersion school. I live in an officially bilingual country and my Mom's maternal side of the family are all French.

I told her no, my friends were all going to English school, and I wanted to be with my friends. And years later, as I traveled throughout Western Europe, I regretted that decision so much. I realized that citizens of so many countries around the world speak 3 and 4 languages, and I understood what a rich skill it was to be able to communicate outside your culture. My meager grade 10 French skills made me feel inferior.

I want to put Nolan in French immersion school. We'll still speak English at home, of course, but when he graduates high school he'll be as fluent in French as in English. His father, however, thinks that learning in French could interfere with his understanding of English phrases and concepts and thinks that English school is fine.

What do you think? If you had the chance, would you immerse your child in another language? Do you think it's necessary?

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