Allergic to grass

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Nolan frequently gets rashes. He's never had diaper rash, but he often gets red bumps up and down his legs. The red spots look angry and inflamed, and I tried every kind of cream. Nothing seemed to help. I stopped drinking milk, and switched Nolan to rice milk. It seemed to help a little, but I wasn't sure.

Finally, after a day in the pool and in the grass on my parent's lawn - and a particularly bad outbreak on Nolan's legs - it occurred to me: my baby is allergic to grass. I hadn't put two and two together before, but it was true that every time we were outside (nearly every day) he'd come in at the end of the day with a nasty rash on his legs.

It's pretty hard to avoid the grass, especially in the summer months. He doesn't exactly stay put on a blanket, and crawling is still a mode of transport for him at least half the time.

Do any of you have kids with grass allergies? Is there anything to help with this? It's right up there with "dust" as most annoying allergy.

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