Bella band stretches maternity budget?

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Although I am eternally grateful for the end result, I have admitted that I wasn't a glowy angelic pregnant lady. I was crotchety and bulbous and everyday I would attempt to stuff myself like a demented human sausage into my pre-pregnancy jeans rather than surrender to the horrific maternity fashions available in Canada. And then I would cry because I didn't fit and my teeth hurt and I had to pee.

Anyways, I wonder if this would have helped me. The makers of the Bella Band claims that it helps maternity clothes fit from the first trimester to post partum.
In the first trimester, the band is said to help non-maternity jeans fit, and in the last trimester it can help hold garments up.

The website claims: "When your pants, skirts or shorts aren't fitting just so, slip this little number on over your waistband. Instant hold, instant comfort, instantly smooth."

I am dubious, because even a cashmere body stocking would have prickled me while pregnant. Have you tried this? And did it make your pregnant life easier?

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