One mother proudly admits she uses disposable diapers

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The debate between rather to use cloth or disposable diapers has raged on for quite some time. Those in favor of using cloth diapers point out that using them saves much room in the landfills and gives the baby a much more natural feeling. Those in favor of disposables point out the convenience and the water it saves from having to use super heated water to wash the nappies. But like some of the other volatile parenting issues, there never seems to be a meeting of minds in the ongoing debate.

This post is not to find that happy place, but rather to bring to light one mother who unabashedly states her preference for disposable diapers. From the blog The Poop, the author begins with saying what nearly every one of us actually feels: handling excrement is gross. When you have a soft, wiggling bit of off spring, the poop aspect is something that unless you have a maid or a nanny or a super nice neighbor, you will have to deal with it on a daily basis. The author's view is that the disposable diaper clings so very nicely to the excrement, be it soggy or solid. Whereas a with a cloth diaper you just never know where that bit of brown is going to ooze or roll. She goes on to point out some other aspects of disposable diaper convenience that makes her life that much better. Stop by and give it a read, it's worth a good morning smile.

I have tried both a diaper service and the disposable routes with my three children. Yes, I know you can actually buy some of your own cloth diapers, and I had a friend who did. But really, in this day and age, we have the capabilities to move beyond beating poop out of cloth five times a day. And besides, it is just so gross. The landfills? Yes, that is a horrible burden of guilt that we disposable diaper parents must shoulder. I try to make amends for this by spreading my tales of poop as far and as wide as possible, perhaps by doing so I will be discouraging others from entering the parenting arena, thereby cutting down on the overall world population.

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