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Shortly after giving birth to Nolan, I noticed all kinds of things I'd never noticed before.

There was suddenly a family change room at my favourite mall, for example. I could have sworn it was invisible before. All of a sudden, other parents gave me little nods and winks, a secret I-know-your-angst club that I hadn't been aware of previously. There was also unpleasant new things: my favourite clothing store wasn't as eager to serve me when I strolled in brandishing a gigantic baby.

And now that I'm back at work I've noticed another thing: the secret parents-leave-early club.

I've always been one of those nose-to-the-grindstone nerds who barely notice when 5:00 hits. I used to routinely stay at work until 7PM, later if I had a deadline, and I really didn't note who was coming or going and at what time.

Now that I have to get Nolan at daycare by 5:00, I guiltily sneak out at 4:30 (well, not really, that is my actual quitting time) and look around to see who else has left. And, I noticed today: it's the parents who leave early. Presumably, they're also picking up children at daycare and tending to their work/life balance. Funny I'd never realized it before but at my work it seems to be true: the parents are not there at the end of the day.

I wonder what secret awaits me next.

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