Teens more likely to use condoms for casual sex

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I am always somewhat relieved to hear the words "teenagers" and "confirmed condom use" in almost any context. I now house a teen under my roof and while I love babies, I don't want anymore to dwell under my roof any time soon. So I found this article on teens condom use slightly comforting.

In a study group of nearly 1,300 young people, ages 15 to 21, researchers asked them to report their sexual activity for the most recent 90 days. 65% of the participants admitted to having sex with a longterm partner during that time, while 35% said they had sex with at least one casual partner. A larger percentage of the more committed partner group said they neglected to use a condom during intercourse, while those in the more casual group reported a higher instance of condom usage. One of the reasons stated for the lesser chance of using a condom was partner dissatisfaction.

So while more promiscuous teens are slightly more likely to slip on a condom in moments of passion, the studies are still discouraging. It is not so much the fact that teens are having sex. Teens have always had sex and will continue to do so regardless of what parents say or do or what studies report. In my eye it is the fact that they are blinded by the belief that they can't or won't get pregnant or contract a sexually transmitted disease. This is what scares me as I raise a teen.

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