Teens resorting to risky surgery to reduce obesity

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Yes, unless you live under an especially heavy rock, every body has heard about the ever growing epidemic of childhood obesity. There are weight camps, weight loss clubs, out right parental bribes. But a desperate attempt to lose weight that is growing in popularity is surgery. By surgically reducing the size of the stomach, weight loss becomes much easier to accomplish.

One such weight loss patient is English teen, Bethany Walton. Bethany has tried regular diets in the past, but had little or no success. After reaching of 476 pounds the teen decided to try a different approach; she decided to seek surgery to reduce the size of her stomach. Since having the surgery last Spring, Bethany has had some success. She has begun to lose the weight but her body has already suffered. Her heart is oenlarged and overloaded and her body produces far too much estrogen, causing her periods to stop. She still remains morbidly obese, although she hopes that her weight will continue to plummet over the next year.

What do you think about this procedure for teens?

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