The generosity of children

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According to this article, American school children have raised and donated more money for Katrina relief than many major corporations. RandomKid, a non-profit, grassroots children's group has been tracking donations and announced that the total has exceeded ten million dollars -- so far. They put a lot of emphasis on the "so far", by the way, because the children of America are not done yet.

Only five corporations have donated more than the kids: Wal-mart, Federal Home Loan Bank of Cincinnati, Exxon, Freddie Mac, and BP Amoco. I'm willing to bet, however, that Wal-mart's allowance is a little bigger than most of these kids. Even so, Wal-mart has only contributed seventeen million, less than double what the kids gave, despite earning over $11 billion in profits last year. It's amazing, really, the power that children have, and something like this can make it clear to them just how big a difference they can make in the world without a whole lot of effort. The mission statement of RandomKid says it well: "To empower kids to realize the infinite value of who they are right now and their unique power to make the world a better place because of it."

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