Dads prefer work to family time?

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I must admit that there have been times during this parenting gig where I've wondered why Nolan's Dad's life doesn't seem to have been turned upside down. He seems to be able to drink his coffee, play sports, socialize with his buddies, work 40 hours a week and breathe fairly easily. I, however, seem to be locked in a perpetual frantic juggling act involving work, housework, Nolan, and daycare and at any moment the balls are going to come crashing down on my head.

Apparently, Rob isn't the only father who seems to have settled amiably into fatherhood. A study published yesterday by Bristol University found that despite temporarily cutting back working hours after the baby's birth, most men soon settle back to their old working routines and put in the same hours as their colleagues.

They don't work fewer hours than men without children, and interestingly, they do not see this as a problem.

A man's hours of work are related to age, form of economic activity, occupation, earnings, and partner's working time, but fatherhood does not come into the equation.

I'd be really interested to see the same study flipped for Mothers. I'm quite sure the result would be radically different, and it's incredibly interesting to me. Although I fiercely believed for so many years that men and women were essentially the same, I am beginning to believe that we are hard wired very differently.

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