Oh, no! Crayons in the dryer

It can happen to any of us. That one time you neglect to thouroghly check your kid's pockets before throwing those pants into the washer (and then, the dryer), there is a crayon hidden in the pocket.

It happened to me, and wow, was I grateful for the internet. I hopped online and found directions for cleaning the dryer drum (mine was green) and the clothes.

I won't lie: cleaning the dryer with WD-40 was not pleasant. It did work, though.

The clothes? Well, I put them in a grocery bag, which I hung from a nail in the wall near the dryer until I had time to clean them up. By the time I got to them, they were almost all outgrown. I did manage to save one blue sweatshirt, which is now free of green blobs and often worn by my youngest.

What's the worst thing that has accidentally gone through your dryer?

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