Staying at home: so easy!

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Today, Rob stayed at home with Nolan. I had presentations and some deadlines at work, and Rob's boss is very family-oriented and understanding about sick babies.

It was not without a healthy dose of smug satisfaction that I left the bed unmade and my coffee cup in the bathroom. I didn't put on a load of laundry and resisted the urge to give the floor a quick sweep before I left for work.

"He's the stay-at-home parent," I thought smugly, "Let him deal with it."

Nolan is sick, so he's cranky and listless, though he is a little easier than usual because he sleeps so much right now. But I still expected at least one mid-morning phone call, begging me to come home and fix a dire situation, find the sippy, locate Nolan's Robeez. It didn't come.

"Ah!" I thought,"He's suffering in silence!"

But no. I came home from work and the bed was made, with pillows plumped and arranged. I didn't know Rob even knew how to make the bed. The kitchen was spotless, there was a scented candle burning on the table, and dinner was simmering on the stove. Nolan was wearing matching clothes.

"I could do this every day!" Rob chirped, and I deflated, because I'd been muttering for a year about stay at home motherhood and its challenges. So, he sailed with ease through one day at home. That means nothing, right? Right?

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