The best role model for your child: You

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Melissa Tennen, a writer for HealthAtoZ online, suggests that you can become the best role model for your child. She offered the following suggestions on becoming a positive influence on your children: Think about your own habits and make decisions on how to change them. Do you need to exercise more?

  • Think about how you can incorporate exercise into your daily life. Start displaying a healthy mindset and healthy behaviors when your children are babies, while they're learning about their environment and developing skills that will last their entire lives.
  • Manage your health.
  • Make eating together a family affair. Studies show kids are more likely to eat right when families sit down together at meals.
  • Exercise. In addition to establishing your own exercise routine, planning activities for you and the kids to do together also helps to send the right message. Exercise helps you ward off potentially chronic diseases that could keep you from being with your children.
  • Don't smoke. Secondhand smoke can be poisonous for children. Going into another room or smoking out a window doesn't remove the dangers. Even if you always step outside to smoke, you are still sending the wrong message that smoking is OK. Studies show that teens are two to three times more likely to smoke if a parent does.
  • Buckle up. If you always wear your seat belt, even when riding in the backseat, your children will too. Car accidents are the leading cause of death in children.
  • Wear a helmet if you are bike-riding or skating.
  • Talk to your children about healthy habits and their benefits.
  • Have a positive attitude about exercising and being healthy.
  • Talk about your feelings and express your love for your child.
These article suggests ways you can act so your children will imitate you. I have recently decided that although I hate to wear a bike helmet, I really must do so. At first I wore one only when biking with the children, but after some simple reflection I decided a head injury would be of no benefit for my children and I wear one when riding on my own. Although this is a fairly common sense revelation, it is one that can save lives. In fact, all are pretty commonsense. Do you have input on how you have changed your ways to create healthy role models for your kids?


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