14 pound baby born to Brazilian mother

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I rarely conjure up the memories of birthing my three children. Although I love them all to the ends of the earth, I am not one of those mothers who gets all dewy eyed at the recollection of birth. It hurt, it was hard, it hurt, it was awkward and it hurt. So when I read stories of unusual births I always stop for a moment and give thanks that not only am I done breeding but that my kids were not gigantic, premature, etc.

After reading about Elisa Maia dos Ribeiros' stint of giving birth I had one of those moments of thanks. Dos Ribeiros, 36, of Brazil, recently gave birth to a baby girl who weighed in at 14 pounds. The baby, 23 1/2 inches, was born by Cesarean section and is reported to be in good health. This is Dos Ribeiros' fourth child, the other three were all boys and all over nine pounds. And although the baby is not the heaviest ever recorded, that would be 22 pounds and 8 ounces, 14 pounds is a lot of baby to produce.The medical staff at the Brazilian hospital said that one reason for the large size of the baby is the fact that Dos Ribeiros is a diabetic and large babies are common for diabetics.

Whatever the case, 14 pounds is big. Fourteen pounds takes up a lot of space in an abdomen. Fourteen pounds is heavy to carry around, especially after having three older boys. My hat is off to this mother, and again I give thanks that my kids were 7 pounders.


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