Home drug testing kits sent home at school open house

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Parents who have children at Winnisquam Regional Middle School in Tilton, New Hampshire will have the opportunity to pick up more than just class schedules at the school's upcoming open house night. Home drug testing kits will be available to any and all families that are interested. The open house, to be held on September 21, will have enough drug testing kits to supply over 430 students, should their parents feel so inclined to take them home.

Drug use at the middle school is no higher than that of surrounding areas which is why proponents for the kits say they are needed. According to the school's drug counselor, by taking the kits home families are taking a stance and saying they won't tolerate drug use in their children. The children are proving their abhorrence to illegal substances by producing clean test. Kids can also use the kits as a scapegoat to help them say no to drugs,they can claim, "I can't because, you know, my family drug tests at home,'" says Dave Tryon, the school district's substance abuse coordinator. "That gives the child a way out. And anytime you can give a child a way out of doing something risky, I can't see something wrong with that."

While I can see Mr. Tryon's point, I have to wonder if this is the best approach to preventing drug use and abuse in children. To me it says, "I don't trust your words or your honor, but I will believe you if you produce a clean urine screen." How does that build trust between parents and kids? I don't in any way believe that my children will tell me the truth 100% of the time, but I do hope that if we have a foundation of trust and a bond of honor that my kids will come to me when it matters. What about you? Any thoughts?

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