Succeeding in friendships

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The startup of each school year leads me to wonder: are my children going to get the most they can out of the new school year? You not only want your child to succeed academically, but also to develop the personal and social skills that will be so important throughout life. A study published a couple of years ago in Child Development tested whether children's responses to help-giving and help-seeking friendship tasks predicted how many friends they had and the quality of their best friendship. Fifth-grade children responded to vignettes in which they could either give help to a friend or seek help from a friend. Children's strategies and goals in both contexts were significantly correlated with the number of friends children had. Responses in the help-giving context but not in the help-seeking context were significantly associated with friendship quality. Although gender differences in strategies and goals were found, strategies and goals were related to the number of friends and friendship quality for both boys and girls.

The basic outcome, I guess, is that the more your child is willing to help others, the more likely he or she will form friendships. That makes sense to me. How about you?

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