Eleven-year-old wins Alaskan State Fair contest

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Eleven-year-old Brenna Dinkel of Wasilla, Alaska has a big head. No, she's not conceited; she has a big head of cabbage. Her cabbage, named Bruce, weighed in at a whopping 73.4 pounds, winning the Giant Cabbage Weigh-Off competition at the Alaska State Fair. Second place went to a 65.2 pound cabbage, grown by the same master gardener who had, only two days prior, set a new world record with a 96.9 pound kohlrabi. Brenna noted that part of the credit needed to go to the big fence that kept the moose away from her cabbage.

Brenna's win didn't actually come as much of a surprise; she also won last year with an 85 pound cabbage and in 2003 with a 77 pound cabbage. Four years ago, she took third place with a 74.3 pound cabbage; first place went to her then nine-year-old cousin Seth who won first place for the second year in a row. Vegetables are big in Alaska, due in large part to the twenty hours of sunlight during the short summer. The state record for a cabbage was set in 2000 at 105 pounds. In case you're wondering, however, the world record was set in Wales, in 1989: 124 pounds.

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