Football parent attacks thirteen-year-old

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It's no secret that I'm not a fan of organized sports; call me a sissy if you like, but I just don't think it healthy to get so wrapped up in what is supposed to be "just a game." Here's an example of why my kids will be swimming or climbing or tumbling instead of playing football.

It seems that an assistant coach and father decided he didn't like the fact that a player on the opposing team got in a late hit on his son. So "he came charging out onto the field," according to the referee who had just called the penalty, and started hitting the boy. Thirteen-year-old Brian Wood suffered bruises on his stomach and jaw; it likely would have been worse except that the referee threw himself on top of the boy to fend off the blows.

Jim Fine, a medic working at the game, saw the whole incident unfold before him. "The ref over there (Winek) he got stomped, twisted in the neck," Fine said. "They were right in front of me. And then it was just a free-for-all -- adults stomping kids, kids fighting kids, and moms and dads fighting moms and dads." It continued for about 20 minutes. The Stockton Bears' head coach, Rudy Garrido Sr. said "This is a program for the kids to stay out of trouble. There are going to be calls for late hits. This guy (Wood) was walking back to the huddle; assistant coach comes running out, tackles him, starts hitting him. ... I'm worried about all the kids."

I have to say, I'm worried about the kids too. I know I'm not a perfect parent; I do things in front of my kids that I ought not to and violence is an old habit that's hard to break. But I have to wonder about what these kids are learning when a referee arrives at a playing field and immediately sees trouble: "The first thing we said to each other was, 'The parents are too close to the field.'"

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