Blogging Baby Sleepover for Friday September 8

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Welcome to the almost-weekend edition of the Blogging Baby Sleepover. I am tired. Though Nolan is sleeping through the night, finally, I am also bedraggled from my work week, reverse commute, insane writing schedule, and the excitement of my baby's first word. So, these links will have no cohesion but they are some fabulous reads to get you through the weekend, regardless.

First, I wanted to highlight our own Heather. Heather, as you may recall, highlighted several Blogging Baby staffer blogs a while back, but never highlighted herself. She's kind of quiet and modest like that. Anyway, Heather has a fabulous short post on her own blog about renovating, hedgehogs, and opposible thumbs. She also ponders the allure of burrowing. I am totally with you Heather. I would also enjoy a good burrow.

Second, we have Peter's Cross Station, which I just recently discovered. Shannon, the author, is a "life-partnered, over-educated, tea-not-coffee-drinking lesbian co-parenting the planet's cutest child". She has an awesome post here about her daughter's progression into toddlerhood. She mentions that she thinks of 18 months as the beginning of "humanness" in small children. I've always thought that, too.

Finally, at Girl's Gone Child resides a fabulous post about doggy obesity. Dog weight gain has been on my mind lately, as Jordi wedges himself as close as possible to Nolan's high chair to ensure he gets every shard of discarded cheese or smeared rice.


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