Australian group wants to ban hitting kids

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I'm not sure whether to be happy that the Australian Childhood Foundation wants to ban hitting kids in Oz, or to be depressed about the need for such a ban. The ACF conducted a poll of Australians and found some shocking results. Of the 750 adults surveyed, 70 percent supported smacking and nearly half felt it acceptable to leave a mark on a child. One in ten indicated they thought it okay to use a cane, stick, or belt to discipline a child.

In response, the ACF will be starting a drive to have the practice banned, as it is in fifteen countries. Unfortunately, not everyone feels that the practice should be banned. Queensland Premier Peter Beattie said "A smack on the bum never hurt any kid, in my view." Personally, I don't approve of hitting, period, let alone hitting kids. That's not to say my kids haven't made me want to hit them, but as a (supposed) adult, I don't. It's not what I want to teach them. Alas, I'm not sure we're any different here in the States. What do you think about physical punishment?

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