Sun cream that heals sunburn

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Like many Blogging Baby readers, sunblock is a staple in my diaper bag, purse and the glove compartment of my car. I have a red head, a tow head and we live at 6,600 feet. We use the cream every day, all year long. Without sunscreen we would likely have to hide our fair skin inside all day and only come out at dusk, much like a family of anemic vampires. However, in the years ahead, we may have a better product to use to prevent sunburn. An article on the yesterday reported that scientists in the U.K. report they have developed a sunscreen that will actively repair sun burnt skin and may even help prevent skin cancer. Like conventional sun creams, the lotion filters the sun's harmful rays. An extra ingredient means it also helps mop up the free iron released when skin burns; this reduces inflammation, pain, and prevents the build up of cancer-causing free radicals triggered by sunlight. The new ingredient - called a chelator - is light-responsive, meaning it only becomes active when it is exposed to UV radiation in sunlight.

This sounds like an important breakthrough to me. How about you?

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