Bratz dolls wear lingerie

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I've seen past Internet uproar on the controversial Bratz dolls, but I don't have a little girl, so honestly (and selfishly) I didn't pay much attention. Perhaps I should have, because it's my belief that the marketers of these dolls deserve every parent's attention and not in a complimentary way.

According to this Australian article, the controversial dolls are being marketed to girls as young as three. Phoebe "Sugar" is dressed in a fluffy pink jacket with pink and black underwear, while Roxxi "Spice" has an open pleather jacket and skimpy red and black lingerie. Both dolls have milk bottles hanging off chains trapped to their legs. This last detail made me lose my coffee on my computer keyboard.

Responding to parental concern, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission said it was powerless to strip the dolls from the shelves, saying there is no arbiter for bad taste.

In a world of predators and pedophiles and men who believe they are in love with little girls, this is not OK. I believe in free speech and I am pretty open minded but in my view there is no reason, ever, that children should be depicted with bottles and lingerie - as dolls or in life. The sickos do not need our help.

What do you think, am I overreacting?


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