Enough flu shots this year?

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Yesterday, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that more than 100 million doses of influenza vaccine, the largest number ever shipped, will be available for the U.S. market this flu season. It was noted on MedlinePlus.com that manufacturers are already shipping the vaccine to be distributed in October and November. The 100 million dose estimate is 17 million more doses of influenza vaccine than has ever been distributed in the past, the CDC said. The previous high was 83.1 million doses in 2003. Last year 81.2 million doses were distributed. The CDC recommends that 200 million Americans get flu shots every year to protect themselves from a virus that kills 36,000 people in an average year and puts more than 200,000 into the hospital. The elderly and children are often the hardest hit.

I used to think flu shots were a bit of a conspiracy. But two years ago when our baby,Devon, needed surgery for a congenital heart defect, our doctor insisted that everybody in our family, including my parents,get them. Devon was especially vulnerable since he was nine weeks old at the time of the surgery and was too young for a flu shot. The rest of the family did get flu shots and we all remained healthy for the duration of the winter. Last year we did not get them and everybody was sick all winter long. Both my mother and father tested postive for the flu, as did my nine year-old daughter. Coincidence? Could be. But since there happen to 100 million doses floating around this year, we will be among the first in line for our vaccinations.


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