Parents want concrete support, not parenting lessons

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An article online at Society Today suggested that the British government plans to spend more money on advice that may not be welcomed by parents, who are more interested in concrete services than in parenting classes. The comments, based on a survey of 1,112 parents of 'middle aged' children, reported that the majority of parents felt they didn't need professional advice and guidance to help them bring up their children. In-depth interviews suggest that the concept of parenting advice is a sensitive one, with parents associating advice with intrusion unless the information is related to the more formal aspects of their children's lives. Working class parents were particularly dismissive of the advice that they had received in the past from professionals. In contrast, on the occasions when middle class parents seek advice, they are more likely to see themselves as consumers.

This is an interesting issue. Which would you rather have: parenting advice or support when you need it?

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