Reason #17 to have a swimming pool: an inflatable iceberg

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By way of the Sci-Fi channel's website (even though the rotten so-and-so's have cancelled Stargate!), I found this pretty cool inflatable iceberg. Basically, you blow it up and you've got fourteen feet of climbing (of varying difficulty, although it all looks pretty easy to me) on three sides with a slide on the fourth. Unfortunately, I think this thing, at twenty by fourteen feet, is bigger than my whole backyard, so I don't think Rachel will let me get it. That and the $6,000 price tag, of course.

Still, if you live near a good beach or need something to make your over-sized swimming pool look a little less (or more?) ostentatious, this might just be the thing. It's for kids aged 14 and up, so I've got a few years to win the lottery and buy that private lake anyway. I don't suppose anyone has one of these? (And if you do, can I come over and play?) Would you, if you had an appropriate place for it?

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