There is more than one way to transport your father's body

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On a recent trip train trip from California to Chicago an elderly man and his middle aged daughter boarded the train for a cross country sight seeing trip. The gentleman, Daniel Stepanovich, was suffering from advanced brain and lung cancers; he and his daughter were spending some quality time together before he passed away. Unfortunately for both of them, Stepanovich did pass away sometime around the middle of the trip while slumbering in his sleep car.

His daughter refrained from informing any officials aboard the train of his death. When the train arrived in Chicago, its destination and the daughter's home, she reported his death to the train staff. When asked why she had not said anything earlier, she claimed that she had already purchased his ticket and could not afford the additional expenses of transporting his body to Chicago. It had been nearly 23 hours since his death, his body had traveled nearly 1,000 miles.

Now I have to wonder just what this woman was thinking while she rode those last 23 hours with her father. Did she pretend he was just sleeping? Did she grieve and make peace with his passing? While part me admires her ingenuity and thriftiness, the other part has some serious, "Ewwww!" factor at the thought. What about you? Clever thriftiness or just plain gross?

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