Struggling to balance work/life

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I am having a hard time balancing this work/life thing.

I am discovering what millions of mothers have known long before me: there is no such thing as having it all. Or at least, I can't do it all gracefully.l

I feel like someone is constantly being impacted negatively because there's only one of me. Either my house is stacked with dust balls that threaten to eat us all alive and spit us out, homeless and shivering on to the street, or I am speeding from daycare to work, late again for a meeting, or I am disappointing Robby because, I am too tired to give him a foot rub.

Tonight I have a coworker here from Toronto and I should be hosting him tonight, showing him our city, because I am his closest coworker here. But Robby has rugby and posts have to be written and there's a load of laundry so large that a tribe of angry hedgehogs could have set up shop inside it and I would never know.

I have entertained thoughts of packing my bags and sneaking out the door and running as hard and fast as I can. Except I never would, of course. I love my boys violently and I have an amazing career and a cute little house, and really, I know I shouldn't complain.

But, Moms, really, how do you do this? Are there tips and tricks for balancing work, home, and family that have worked for you?

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