Do we really need to take our cell phones everywhere?

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Do you often wonder if the cell phone is more trouble than it is worth? Sure, it is handy, but do you spend too much time calling someone or waiting for someone to call you? It may cause unnecessary irritability or stress. Your reaction may be similar to that of others. In a study summarized on, it was suggested that people are becoming addicted to mobile phones, and causing them to become stressed and irritable. Problem behavior linked to using a mobile in 16% of 106 users who were studied. Problem behaviors linked to using their phone included lying about how much they used them, becoming irritable after using them, or being overly preoccupied with them. The result of this was to cause the user stress. In a separate study to be presented at a later conference, the investigator found blood pressure was lower in those who had given up using mobile phones.

I can definitely see some sense in this study. I have a love/hate relationship with my cell phone. I carry it everywhere with me in the diaper bag, my purse, the car, my back pocket.... And while I do believe it is a necessary accessory, or even an appendage at times, I am often irritated when it rings and I have to stop what I am doing to answer it. But I rationalize my obsession by telling myself, "What if one of the kids ends up caught in a tree and must call for my help?" Or another one is, "What if somebody, somewhere has such amazing and wonderful news for me and must reach me at that very moment?" Other times I just desperately need to hear another human voice over the age of 4, and if that means sneaking out onto the patio during my baby's nap to scroll through my cell phone contacts for anybody who might be home or near their cell phone in the middle of the day, then all is the better for it. These are just a few of the reasons I can not bear to leave my phone at home. But for all the times of answering while I am taking the kids to school or chatting while on the sidelines at a soccer game, maybe it might not be such a bad idea to leave it at home. Maybe it is good to take an occasional vacation from the cell phone. It sounds like using it less, as well as not relying on it as much, may also help. What do you think?

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