Random drug testing for school play attendees?

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I have no problem with random drug tests for elite athletes. Actually, I don't think I have a problem with random drug tests for high school athletes, either. But I'm not exactly sure where I stand on random drug tests for students attending field trips.

But that's exactly what a Kansas high school has done.

A small town high school has instituted random drug testing for all middle and high school students attending any extracurricular activity, including clubs, field trips, even school plays. Those who refuse to sign consent forms cannot join a club or even park their car on school property.

The school says it is being proactive rather than punitive. The measures have been communicated but not yet implemented, and school officials don't want students to know when the first round of random tests will commence.

The policy has come under fire from civil liberties groups who claim that it violates the privacy rights of students. Advocates of the program insist it is a great initiative to deter drug use in students.

What do you think?

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