Is your son a straight shooter?

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I have long suspected my youngest son, just barely 2 years-old, to have a small issue when urinating. But it wasn't until this summer when he started to frequently run around in the buff and enjoy the wonders of peeing in the great outdoors that my suspicions were confirmed: he does not shoot straight. Yes, that's right. He pees to the left. Not just a little bit mind you, he pees about 45 degrees off center and to the left. At first I wondered if he was just standing at an odd angle so I actively encouraged the outdoor potty sessions for further micturation observation. After a number of these sessions and extensive thought I have come to the conclusion that he will never be able to hit a target dead on while standing straight.

Is this a bad thing for a little fellow to grow up with? Will he be the butt of locker room jokes? Will he cringe at the thought of using bathroom urinals lest another fellow notice his "offness"? According to Dr Julian Shah, who is a Consultant Urologist at the Institute of Urology and Nephrology in London, it could be an issue serious enough to need medical consultation. Urine leaves the penis through the urethra in a spiral pattern, a detail that although I do not at all debate, is one that I did not notice during my observations of my son. If that spiral is interrupted by anything in its path, then the urine stream will be off center. One problem could be hypospadias, meaning the hole for the urethra is in the wrong place and the result being a wonky stream of urine. Hypospadias can be surgically repaired and the stream problem corrected.

The next time we are at the doctor's office I think I will have my son evaluated for hypospadias. Since I have never encountered this problem, I am not sure how debilitating it would be to go through life shooting to the left. If anybody has experienced this issue and has some thoughts, feel free to share them.

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