Janet Jackson shows all in her new video

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Janet Jackson is baring all of herself in her latest video. The singer suffered a severe media whipping for showing her naked breast during the 2004 Super Bowl half time show. But she appears to have gotten over that hurt because in her new video she appears in the buff several times.

Although her image has gotten increasingly sexier over the years, the singer claims that she does not think of herself as sexy. She blames her poor body image on her older brother Michael, sighting that he likely projected his own insecurities on to her, ""My brother Michael used to tease me. He thought my butt was too big. Maybe he wasn't completely happy with himself, so he put it on me? I'm just guessing here, but looking back now, I know that in adolescence your body changes, and he would always tease people left and right about something. When his own body started to change ... he became a lot more introverted."

It is probably no surprise that growing up in such a weird household could do some serious damage to Jackson. But I say more power to her. She is a beautiful and talented performer and if she feels so inclined to flaunt it she should go for it.

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