Second Autopsy inconclusive for Anna Nicole Smith's son

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A second autopsy performed on Daniel Smith, son of former Guess! model and reality TV star Anna Nicole Smith, has proved to be inconclusive. Anna Nicole, who had sought privacy in the Bahamas to give birth to her daughter, has requested the second autopsy to be performed by Cyril Wecht of the U.S. Wecht gained notoriety for as a consultant on Elvis Presley's autopsy. He ruled out natural causes such as heart disease or stroke in Smith's case. He also agreed with the primary autopsy, performed by a Bahamian pathologist, that no foul play was involved in the 20 year-old's early death. Toxicology reports will be due later this week.

Smith was found unconscious by his mother in her hospital room. After frantic efforts to revive him, she called for staff assistance. Unable to revive him, he was pronounced dead on September 10. Anna Nicole had given birth to a baby girl just days earlier. Daniel Smith had flown to the resort to visit his new sister. What was to have been a joyous beginning ended up a tragic end for such a young man.

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