Life as a soccer mom: The Gear

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Being a Soccer Mom means you need the required Soccer Mom goods. Some moms do it up far more than others, but the basics involve a bag containing all the small necessities from sunblock to an Ace bandage to extra snacks and drinks. An umbrella is nice for sunny or rainy days. An extra ball and toys for younger siblings. And The Chair. It can't be just any random patio chair. No. A Soccer Mom chair needs to come in its own bag with a carrying strap for easy portability. When expanded, the chair should definitely have a cup holder and several pockets for cell phones, sunblock, etc.

I recently found this chair online while poking around for research material. This is definitely the ultimate Soccer Mom chair. This is not just any chair, it is a Soccer Couch. Weighing in at just nine pounds, it has all the basic requirements. It is lower than a regulation chair, making it easy for small children to climb aboard and allowing for parents in back to see the game in action. There is plenty of room for two adults or several kids and it has pouches in back to store anything needed on the sidelines. With a price tag of $49.95 this is a good buy. Even of you are not a soccer parent this could be a great chair for camping or a day at the beach.

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