Pets are more than just good company

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We have a menagerie of pets: dogs, cats, and a ferret. My children have always had them around since they were babies. Some may not think this a good thing, but an article in Epidemiology and Infection suggests otherwise. According to the research, pets can protect their young owners against common stomach bugs. The investigators found that incidences of gastroenteritis – commonly called stomach flu – were significantly lower in young children living in homes with pets, than those living without. For six weeks, the team closely observed 965 children aged four to six, noting incidences of nausea, diarrhea, and vomiting. Children that had a cat or dog in their household were 30% less likely to have gastroenteritis symptoms than children who lived in homes without pets. Previous studies have shown that people who keep pets suffer fewer health problems, such as heart disease and depression.

This is good knowledge to have as I clean up cages and the occasional mess. There are times when I wonder of so many animals is too much work, but knowing all of the side benefits sure helps. What about you? What sort of four legged creatures share your home?

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