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Did anyone else see the movie Undercover Blues? No? Well, you didn't miss much. Kathleen Turner was, as one would expect, horrible and managed to turn an amusing farce into a painful experience. The one (very) bright spot was the incomparable Stanley Tucci as Morty. The story centers on a husband and wife pair of sarcastic spies (Turner and Dennis Quaid) in New Orleans on a maternity leave vacation with their baby girl. Of course, they end up saving the world while they're there.

I'm thinking that Dennis Quaid's character could probably go for these patches. If your wardrobe runs more to the black, tactical end of the spectrum, you might have difficulty accessorizing with a teddy bear print diaper bag. Because, after all, you never know when you'll have to put a mission on hold to change a nappy. That's where these come in. Make sure you identify the most important part of your kit with these cool patches. They identify your "Diaper Exchange Kit" so you accidentally try putting a gas mask or grappling hook on the kid. At $8 a pop, they're not cheap but not too expensive either. If you'd like your diaper bag to be a little more macho, they you might want to order a couple of these.

As for the "Emergency Use Only" warning, as the website notes, isn't every diaper change an emergency?

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