Flickr Minicards: Think Small, Share Big

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Okay, I think this is one of the coolest little ideas I've seen in a long time.

Say you meet someone socially, at, say, a play date, or a parent-teachers meeting, and you want to exchange contact info without giving them all your work details (or, perhaps, you're a stay-at-home parent). Or maybe you've just given birth, or adopted, and you want a creative way to share the big news that won't break the bank, and yet does so in a personal, intimate manner.

Enter Flickr Minicards. These clever cards, about half the width of a regular business card, are made by using images you pick from your personal Flickr photography account. You can use up to 100 images (there are 100 cards per pack), and the application allows you to adjust the cropping so the best part of your photographs show. Then, simply add the text you'd like on the back of the card, and voila -- for US$ 19.99, 100 custom cards are sent to your doorstep. And when I say "doorstep," I mean your doorstep, too -- they ship internationally.

Just imagine: cards with your contact information and your family's image, so that teachers/other parents don't forget who you or your child is! Birth announcements with a beautiful black and white shot of your baby on the front, and her birthday, birthweight and name on the back! Adoption announcements, with an image of you meeting your child for the first time on front ...

(... thanks to Jen for the tip!)

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