Update: Squirt gun suspension overturned

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Well, it seems that Blogging Baby's readers are not the only ones who thought that a ten-day suspension was too harsh a punishment for a first grader who brought a cheap, orange squirt gun to school. The Kansas City, Missouri school district thinks so too. The district has overturned the suspension and will remove the offense from the boy's record. However, Phyllis Budesheim, an administrator with the school district noted that "the code of conduct, as it stands for this school year, will remain."

Tawann Caskey's mother, Danielle Womack, seemed satisfied. "They made a good decision. Everything is OK," she said.

While a 10-day suspension does seem a bit much in this specific case, I still think the district's policy is a good one. I do think that the responsible (or, possibly, irresponsible) party in this instance is most likely the parent; this does remind us as parents to check what our kids are bringing to school and for that matter, based on the number of "jewels" that have shown up in Jared's pockets, what they're bringing home as well.

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